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Freelance Pod

Dec 27, 2018

Netflix has finally released the trailer for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. What's a Black Mirror Event? Nobody knows, but looks like we'll be finding out at about 8am GMT tomorrow... that trailer looks pretty darn analogue, so the 1980s nostalgia is going to be strong.

To help with the Season 5 anticipation, here's an...

Dec 24, 2018

I've known this episode's guest a long time, since we were both undergraduates at Oxford back in the Noughties. Oli Mason ( went into making films, and he's made an impressive number over the decade since graduating. He's also been made redundant three times (same as me!), so he's very...

Dec 21, 2018

It was a simple and inescapable choice back in spring 2015, wasn't it? Stability and strong government with incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron, or chaos with Ed Miliband. We, the British people, did not choose chaos with Ed Miliband.

All the Brexit palaver has sent the political news cycle spinning faster than ever,...

Dec 9, 2018

This week's guest is film critic Ryan Gilbey, who's a self-confessed "creature of print," as he started out on The Independent's film desk 24 years ago, after winning a competition. He now writes for The Guardian, The Sunday Times and New Statesman.

We met back in 2006 when he was my tutor on a part-time Film Journalism...

Dec 2, 2018

This episode's guest is radio and podcast producer Shola Aleje.

Shola works on Lauren Laverne's BBC 6 Music show, as well as producing podcasts for Emma Gannon, Cherry Healey and Bestival.

We recorded in Shola's London living room, which has a gorgeous vintage vibe, a shelving unit filled with vinyl and a large...