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Freelance Pod

Oct 28, 2019

It's a Standard Issue x Freelance Pod crossover episode! I met up with Jen Offord, Mickey Noonan and Hannah Dunleavy at the Boulevard Theatre, Soho, to talk about our upcoming live shows there, how the internet has changed journalism, feminism and what their live recording has in store for the audience.

Here's the Instagram album containing the picture we talk about in the cold open. It's definitely worth a look, especially if you love neon! 

You'll also hear a little bit from writer Gemma Milne, who's guesting on Freelance Pod's live show at the Boulevard on Sunday 17th November.

Standard Issue Podcast is the result of live shows that the gang - including their boss and SI founder, Sarah Millican - used to put on to support the original online magazine. So the liveness started first - the podcast second. 

Mickey and Hannah are trained journalists with years of experience on newspapers and magazines between them, with a major highlight being Mickey having spent 9 months as a sexpert on a lads' mag. They've also both tried their hands at comedy in the past. Jen came to journalism from the civil service, and in truly early internet tradition, set up a themed blog that caught the imagination, and resulted in articles, TV appearances and a book deal. 

We recorded this episode on a landing at the Boulevard Theatre, in true Soho style, between a lift, a loo and a glass bridge by a neon tattooist sign. Cheers to the theatre's Emma Groome for sorting us out! 

Look out for Standard Issue's women in TV-themed live show at the Boulevard on Sunday 10th November.

You can find SI on the socials here:

Instagram: @standardissuepodcast

Twitter: @standardissueuk

Facebook: @standardissuemagazine


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