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Freelance Pod

Apr 1, 2019

Two years ago, audio producer Lewis Raven Wallace was fired from his job at Marketplace, a radio programme made by American Public Media.

He had refused to take down a blogpost he had written in response to Donald Trump's recent inauguration, Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it. As a member of a marginalised group - Lewis is trans - he delves into the myth of 'journalistic objectivity', which is central to American journalism.

Who gets to occupy this central space and view the news with an 'objective', dispassionate eye? The privileged, certainly. But hasn't the status quo shifted quite far with Trump? We need to hear from the passionate activists now, too. Digital is more often than not their medium.

Since that painful moment in his career, Lewis has gone freelance and written a book, It's about to be published, and will be accompanied by his new podcast - both called The View From Somewhere. 


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