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Freelance Pod

Jul 22, 2019

Matt Cooke is Head of Partnerships & Training, Google News Lab, part of the Google News Initiative.

Google News has been a major factor in completely changing how news is indexed, distributed, discovered and consumed. That's because the internet has changed news distribution to include you, the reader, the audience, yes you, you control what you want to see, when you want to see it. Alongside sharing and self-publishing on social media, Google indexing news has completely changed the industry. 

Matt's now spent almost as much time building Google News Labs as he did working at the BBC, on news and, memorably, as presenter of BBC Three's 60 Second News. He thinks that transparency is the key to winning audience trust, and he cites this well-known BBC Africa Twitter thread as an example of showing the inner workings of journalism for the greater good. Despite working in a very digital world, though, Matt still buys his trusty local newspaper once a week.

This episode is packed full of his insights into digital journalism, and his advice for journalists who've reached a crossroads in their careers.


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