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Freelance Pod

Jun 20, 2019

Journalist, author and founder of the soon-to-be-launched Freelance Feels, Jenny Stallard joins me on the podcast to talk about her career moving from print to digital, her freelancing journey and why freelancers need to more vigilant about our mental wellbeing than the more traditionally employed. I've written here about how freelancing got me down, and how this podcast solved it! Love U, Freelance Pod!

Along the way, she looks back at the creation of mega-helpful freelancer Facebook Group, The No1 freelance ladies' buddy agency, which has supplied me with work and new contacts among other freelancers and even editors - it's a must-join for all freelancers.

Freelance Feels is going to be a blog, podcast and coaching service. As journalism moves from analogue to digital, the need for continual training grows, as the opportunity for ongoing training in or out of a newsroom shrinks. Jenny talks us through her ideas to help that situation.


How has your industry moved from analogue to digital? Each episode, creative guests tell host Suchandrika Chakrabarti how the internet has revolutionised work.